Dear users

First of all, thank you very much for the support and attention of our early loyal users who gave us many insightful comments during the product preparation phase.

Since the IBAX Network launched beta network this year, users and community attention has been escalating, our telegram group from the beginning of less than 3,000 users quickly grew to 13,000 users, more and more new users to focus on the development of IBAX, and participate in the ecosystem of building activities.

By the beginning of December, IBAX cumulative statistics have more than 10,000 people involved in the registration and login test network activities. During the period, each related discussion of the Twitter topic base spread, interaction rate reached more than 2000, the heat is far beyond expectations.

During the test network period, we basically counted the increase of followers: Twitter followers have increased to 28K, with the highest number of retweets reaching 15.1K, Telegram community has 13K members, and the daily discussion of community members has reached 10K, Discord community has 1K members, LinkedIn followers have reached 576, and YouTube followers have reached 576. 576 Facebook followers, 576 LinkedIn followers, and 324 YouTube followers.

IBAX’s airdrop campaign has been so well received by our users and we could not have done it without your support. We will be preparing a new campaign for this coming Christmas, so we hope you will stay tuned!

IBAX Network is an integrated blockchain infrastructure with microservices that is highly compatible. IBAX Network is a realistic enterprise-level blockchain network service product based on years of accumulation in core technologies such as distributed parallel computing, PaaS, BaaS, data management, and security encryption.

We will work harder to improve our technology and give users a better service and experience.

Next, IBAX plans to develop ecosystem and community collaboration, we will provide support and incentives for building ecosystem and community within IBAX. Lower the threshold to encourage users to build their own ecosystem and community.

Please stay tuned with us for the latest news.



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