IBAX Airdrop is now live!

IBAX Network
2 min readNov 22, 2021


IBAX Network is an integrated blockchain infrastructure with extreme compatibility that adopts micro-services. It is a practical enterprise-level service product based on a blockchain network and launched after years of experience in core fields like distributed parallel computing, PaaS, BaaS, data management,and secure encryption.

IBAX has been preparing for a month and will launch the great airdrop now — Feb. 1st, 2022.
Any participant can get a share of the airdrop. Everyone who completes all tasks will receive up to 100,000 IBXC. (referral bonus not included)

The airdrop will have several rounds on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. The total pool is 5,000,000 IBXC. Among it, 3,500,000 IBXC is the reference bonus.

The airdrop lasts 60 days
The participant who ranks first will get 300,000 IBXC and become the first IBAX Ambassador. At the same time, one lucky participant will be selected every day during the to win 50000 IBXC.

Anyone can join this airdrop using one account only. If multiple accounts of one participant are found, the system will automatically cancel the rewards of such participant.
In this airdrop, winners get points that will be swapped to IBXC coins after the mainnet launch. Visit https://ibax.io/ for the airdrop details and rules.
IBAX Network reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.



IBAX Network

IBAX is a fast, efficient, transparent public blockchain network.Airdrop: http://ibax.io/login Website: http://ibax.io Twitter: twitter.com/ibaxnetwork