The consensus mechanism is the soul of the blockchain. It is the rules and laws that maintain the proper functioning of the blockchain world, and it makes it possible for strangers to make transactions in an environment where there is no third party as credit support. In order to bring users a better experience, IBAX has carried out a series of optimization upgrades based on the original DPoA consensus, while defeating other PoS and PoA principles of gold coin supremacy.

The optimized and upgraded DPoA consensus adds a new role — candidate node — compared with the previous consensus, which is very different from the way nodes become honorary nodes in the campaign.

In the IBAX network, there are 101 honor nodes. Before optimization, honor nodes had the right to pack. For example, when it was an honor node’s turn to pack, but the node’s network was unstable and could not pack, then everyone would wait for him to recover before proceeding to the next packing task, this would often result in packet loss and packing inefficiency in this form. Before the IBAX network optimization, honor nodes were selected by the committee, which meant that there were 101 honor nodes on the blockchain by default. Later, the committee would vote to change the total number of honor nodes if necessary. This election method has a tendency to centralize the rights of the nodes on the blockchain, which may endanger the security of the blockchain, and the honor nodes will cause a certain degree of closure, no sense of crisis, lack of continuous self-improvement and the pursuit of the nodes’ own progress, and also tend to cause inefficiency in packaging the nodes.

Now the optimized consensus is based on the original consensus, adding the role of candidate nodes, modifying the election model of honor nodes — universal election, all nodes can participate in the election of honor nodes, all nodes participating in the election are called candidate nodes, in the election, all voting rights are given to the public, making the election model towards decentralization, more fair and just, and the rights are more transparent. The 101 candidate nodes with the most votes automatically become honor nodes.

The list of 101 honor nodes changes every 4 seconds, and the honor nodes are ranked in real time based on the number of votes received and the stability of the network service under the premise of ensuring network availability. When the performance of other honor nodes is temporarily unstable or the network is not online and cannot be packaged, they are packaged according to who has the best ranking, i.e., who can take over the packing task, which can greatly improve the packing efficiency and prevent packet loss.

If the performance and network of the honor node are unstable for a long time, it can step down and be replaced by other good candidate nodes, for example, the 101st honor node with the highest votes cannot provide stable packing efficiency for a long time, it will drop out of the honor node list and be replaced by the candidate node ranked 102nd, if the network of the 102nd candidate node is also bad, it will be replaced by the 103rd candidate node, and so on . Until a candidate node with stable network and excellent service completes the replacement. Such a model allows nodes to compete with each other, which greatly ensures the stability and efficiency of honor node performance and improves the success rate of packing, and also decentralizes the rights of nodes to make them transparent, which can ensure the security of the chain.

After this consensus optimization and upgrade, IBAX will continue to consider all aspects, will keep pace with the times, constantly update the technology, and strive to climb to new heights to bring the best experience for the users of IBAX.



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