One-click token issuance on IBAX

In the process of human civilization development, both nature and society will progress and change with the principle of superiority and inferiority. From ancient times to the present, there are breakthroughs in technology in each era, and each technological advancement will greatly solve the problems of production, economy and communication in the current society and move the society forward.

The IBAX team believes that blockchain technology, with its decentralized, tamper-proof, and highly transparent characteristics, will become a revolutionary technology for human society after the PC Internet and mobile Internet, and will make the trust of various relationships in society easier and more transparent.

Bitcoin, the origin of blockchain and digital cryptocurrency, has gradually revealed its drawbacks in the gradually popularized usage scenario, with insufficient transaction capabilities, too slow confirmation and too high fees. For this reason, many attempts have been made to drive the entire Bitcoin technology innovation without sacrificing the security and distributed nature of the original Bitcoin network. Although many public chains have been born in the market with different performance, from the industry’s perspective, the limited application of the technology, the long and difficult development cycle, and the lack of interaction with the real world are still outstanding problems that cannot be solved and limit the development of blockchain technology. Then there will be many people who want to promote the innovation of blockchain technology with their own operations or ideas, but the high wall built by the difficulty of blockchain technology discourages many enthusiastic blockchain enthusiasts. Then the function of one-click token issuance greatly lowers the threshold to enter the blockchain world and enables blockchain enthusiasts to actively realize their ideas.

In IBAX network, Weaver has the function of one-click token issuance. As long as you create an ecological account with the function of a developer, you can issue tokens on Weaver with one click, and its token issuance process is simple and quick. You only need to fill in the token issuance conditions such as total amount of tokens issued, token symbol, token name, etc. in the token issuance interface, and give a certain token issuance fee, then you can pass the token issuance.

In IBAX network, there are many advantages of one-click token issuance in addition to the convenience of token issuance. In the IBAX basic network, generated according to the standardized protocol of the IBAX network, everything has built-in standards and rules, then, in the IBAX network, various tokens can be developed independently, but also through the original blockchain system for interconnection, sharing and replacement of resources, so that their own token issuance to get better development. In addition to these basic functions, IBAX network also has a development function, in the same time as token issuance, can develop ecology or applications, its ecology and token issuance can be complementary operation and development, at the same time, IBAX will also be based on the development of blockchain technology, constantly update its system, so that token issuance and ecology carried by the BAAS, in the leading position. In the IBAX network, Weaver’s wallet function is equivalent to a decentralized exchange. C2C anonymous transactions are possible. Tokens issued through Weaver can be traded in Weaver and grow in the IBAX ecosystem. This way of token issuance can solve the difficulty of getting on the exchange after issuing tokens for the issuer.

When the threshold of one-click token issuance is lowered, everyone can customize and issue their own tokens, then the point people may focus on is why your tokens can have such high quality and how superb and advanced the underlying technology is. In the long run, the blockchain world will form a benign competitive environment and eventually return to the essence of blockchain technology to show more value of blockchain through the development of multi-currency competition.



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