Summary Q2 | IBAX Network

Hello, IBAX users.

The second quarter of 2022 has ended, during Q2, from a technical perspective IBAX improved the block synchronization mechanism, reconstructed the account model, upgraded the multiple encryption, NFT Miner system, optimized node campaign function etc…

From the operation point of view IBAX completed the liquidation of the first round of airdrops and aggregation will be announced soon, and actively communicate and cooperate with major blockchain institutions to carry out eco-activities for the mainnet online after the introduction of eco-planning, planning to build sub-communities and establish a governance sub-community system.

We are actively looking for an angel investor who can help us with private investment. In return, the angel will have the privilege to invest in our projects at a relatively low price.

The first round of airdrop liquidation results have ended, redemption will be opened after the main website is launched, please stay tuned to IBAX!



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